The Blazer Dress

By on August 26, 2017

Last year when I worked at Nordstrom, a customer came in to get alterations on a dress that she bought at a local boutique. It was a beautiful black blazer dress. When she told me and my friend Kymbre that she got it on sale, we instantly looked at each other and planned to go to the boutique to buy one. We drove for 20 minutes to the boutique, after looking around and asking the sales person we finally found the blazer dresses. We tried them on and they were huge on us, sadly they did not work out and we left empty handed. Since then, I was looking for the perfect blazer dress. Recently I went to TJ Maxx and found the perfect blazer dress and this time it fit me, so I got it.

The reason I really wanted a blazer dress is because they are the perfect combination between classy and Sexy. You can wear a blazer dress to the office and to a cocktail party and you will look good on both occasions. By wearing different heels and accessories can make it more elegant or simpler depending on the occasion. It is also perfect for any season. Get inspired! Pictures taken by my talented friend Brauc Lute. Find him on instagram @http.fitted for style posts.