Transitioning to Fall

By on September 26, 2017

Fall is finally here even if it’s still 90 degrees outside its time to take out our fall wardrobe and start incorporating fall pieces into our outfits. If you are still wearing some of your summer pieces like shorts, skirts and tops you can transform them into fall outfits with these key pieces that will help you transition to fall. The easiest way to do it is by wearing fall prints like fall florals and plaid. Layer with a lightweight sweater, denim/leather jacket or blazer. Wear fall colors like, gray, maroon, brown, mustard, dark greens, dusty pinks and accessories like hats, belts, tights. The last thing to make a complete fall look will be wearing dark lipstick colors like browns, maroons and dark reds. Get inspired!


The baker boy hat


This accessory is the new fall trend that everyone is wearing and its adorable. I love hats because they can elevate any outfit and give it a whole new feel to it.


Big belt


Big belts are back and they help give any flowy dress or top some shape. A couple months ago the corset belts came out and fall is the perfect time to wear it.




Boots will always be a fall/winter must. Over the knee boots or booties will turn any outfit into a fall outfit.


Dark lipstick


Dark colored lips are the cherry on top that completes a fall look.