Little Touches of Pink and Red for Valentine’s Day

By on February 9, 2018

Valentine’s day is coming and I am very excited to celebrate love. It doesn’t matter what type of love you are celebrating, love for another person or for yourself. It is a great day to dress up and feel beautiful. Here are a couple different outfits you can wear on this special day to go out for dinner, or even if you are doing something more casual like a movie, a picnic or dinner at home.


Black Dress

This outfit is composed of a black dress with red bow pumps and a fascinator. This outfit is perfect for a fancy dinner because is elegant and sexy.


Soft pink and white

This girly and elegant outfit is composed of high rise jeans, a nude bodysuit, a beige tweed jacket, a pink beret and pink velvet heels. This outfit is perfect for brunch, or a day at the museum with your loved one or with friends.


Polka Dots

This outfit is composed of a polka dot mini dress, red keds and a bandana. This outfit is more relaxed and flirty just perfect for a picnic date at the park.



This fun outfit is composed of a striped skirt with a red body suit, and red sandals. You can add a leather jacket if it’s cold outside. This outfit is great for a night out dancing.